Illinois relativity group

This group focuses on the application of Einstein's theory of general relativity to forefront problems in relativistic astrophysics.

The development and application of numerical relativity to tackle problems by computational means are major activities. The merger of binary compact objects (including binary black holes) and the generation of gravitational waves are areas of great interest.


Cosmology group

We are living in a golden age of cosmology.

The nature and evolution of cosmic structure, and the identities and properties of the dark sector, are among the most pressing questions in 21st century science.

The Illinois cosmology group focuses on these questions, combining observational, computational, and theoretical perspectives. Cosmologists work in the Astronomy and Physics departments, and in NCSA. Illinois is heavily involved in present and future leading-edge sky surveys, including the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Dark Energy Survey, and Large Synopic Survey Telescope, of which probe the heart the central questions in cosmology today.


Astrophysical fluid dynamics group

Computational astrophysics

We are dedicated to the study of problems in astrophysics requiring numerical modeling where we often employ parallel computing.